Spanish, German and French language classes for young children

Great take-home materials

One of the things that sets Music Lingua apart from other programs is our great take-home materials.

For each class, students receive:


Why the take home materials are so important

Our program is based in music and the songs we sing in class provide the basis for the props and activities that reinforce the vocabulary.  Children love our music (so do the parents!) language students reading books and listing to musicso they listen to the songs in the car and at home.  By the 2nd week of classes, the kids are already singing along with the songs, even before they understand the meaning of the words they are singing.  Their Music Lingua teacher can then focus on activities and props that give meaning to this new vocabulary, making maximum efficiency of the class time.

A common theme

Each 10 to 12 week session revolves around a common theme, which is repeated in the songs, activity books and props for that unit.  This gives a natural and cohesive means for the instructor to repeat the vocabulary in multiple contexts, reinforcing the meaing of the words for the child.  Each new session brings a new theme with a new CD full of great songs and brand new activities at every class.