Spanish, German and French language classes for young children

Other resources

The following are sites we know and trust, and we encourage you to visit them and take advantage of the resources and services they offer. Many great tips and resources for learning a foreign language. Car Talk meets second language acquisition! Thomas is excited to help you learn French through his Français Immersion program. Want to sound like a native French speaker?
Get Bilingual! Excellent YouTube channel with great advice on teaching your child a second language
Langoly The ultimate language resource. A guide to the best language apps
World Language Initiative Language learning classes for Elementary ages in Bozeman, Montana as well as some online classes for kids Fantastic graphic artwork by Marla Goodman, who does much of the artwork for our own books and CD covers. A great fun site to introduce children to foreign languages, featuring English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Spanish for Kids.  Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru or Buenos Aires Argentina at AMAUTA Spanish Language School: Spanish Classes and Spanish Immersion programs and volunteer work, Study Spanish now.