Spanish, German and French language classes for young children

Why choose Music Lingua

spanish teacher with young children learning language

Early language exposure is one of the most important gifts you can give your child. (See Benefits of Language).  And Music Lingua is the best way to start you child with languages.  Here's why:

The Music Lingua Method

Over 10 years of research, development and practice has allowed Music Lingua to maximize the synergy between music and language.  The combination of singing, drama, games and art make the classes dynamic and fun, and hold the child's interest.

An Immersion Mentality

We teach using a minimum of spoken English. By repeating the vocabulary in a variety of contexts, along with thematic songs and props that are designed specifically to reinforce that vocabulary, the children are able to assign meaning to the words naturally, the way they learn their native tongue.

Thematically based

Each session shares a unique, common theme, which ties together all the songs, props, books and activities. This makes the lessons far more cohesive, and allows a natural means to repeat the vocabulary in a variety of different contexts.

Foundation in Music

We are the only program which has designed a research-based language system from the ground up, integrating props, booklets and activities with songs specifically written with the young language learner in mind.  Why the emphasis on music?

Low Stress means More Effective and More Fun!

Research shows that stress can be a major impediment to a child's learning.  Many language methods inadvertently raise the stress level in children by putting pressure on the child to perform. This can be as subtle as urging the child to speak out loud before the child is ready.  The Music Lingua method is designed to be as low stress as possible, to avoid triggering these barriers.  Our teachers are trained in techniques based on the latest research to optimize the learning experience for the child.  By using this Natural Approach to Language Acquisition, the child learns the new language the same way they learn their mother tongue.

Young children are language sponges, and will be absorbing the newlanguage when if they are not responding vocally at first. The child will perceive Music Lingua classes as a fun playtime even as their brains absorb and process the new language, and when they are comfortable, they will begin speaking out loud in the new language.

Even native speakers enroll their children

A surprising number of native speakers enroll their children in Music Lingua classes. In a home environment with bilingual parents, the children often seem to rebel against the strange words they never hear their peers speak.  When exposed to the language (with those same parents) in a Music Lingua class, with the fun environment and other children their age, they open up and begin to speak.

Don't wait!

An early foundation is important for a good accent and fluency in a 2nd language.  We hope you choose Music Lingua to start your child on this journey, but whichever methods you choose, please do not delay. It is very important that you start your child as young as possible.