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is a unique program that uses music, movement, story-telling, art and drama to teach foreign language to children aged infant to 8 yrs old.

We offer parent-child foreign language classes, drop-off classes for older kids, preschool classes and summer camps. By singing and playing along, your child will receive exposure to foreign languages during the critical early years of development.

The best way to start your child learning French, German or Spanish!

Music Lingua language classes are the best way for your child to start learning a second language, be it French, Spanish or German. And Music Lingua is fun !

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Helping children learn foreign languages since 2001.

Over the last 13 years, Music Lingua has helped thousands of kids, from infants to toddlers and older, get started learning a foreign language. We are currently training qualified people across the country to become French, German and Spanish teachers.

Music Lingua offers classes in French, German and Spanish

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