Spanish, German and French language classes for young children

What is Music Lingua?
A unique, effective and fun language teaching system

Music Lingua is a unique method of introducing foreign language to young children, in their most absorbent years of language acquisition (see "Why Study Languages").  Over 10 years of development, research and practice have resulted in an effective, fun way to introduce children to both language and music.

kids in language class learning spanish, french or german

A unique method that really works

Music Lingua classes use music, movement, storytelling, drama and art to present thematic concepts and key vocabulary.  The emphasis is on hearing the spoken language, learning the songs, and in the process, learning target vocabulary and responding to commands.

Great take-home materials

Each student receives great take-home materials, including a thematic music CD of the songs sung in class, a bilingual music activity booklet and a storybook (with CD).  Parents are encouraged to play the music and sing the songs often with their child at home and while riding in the car, thus reinforcing what is learned in class.  The activity booklet contains all of the lyrics in both the target language and English, as well as pictures to color and other fun activities that go along with each song.  By listening to the CD between classes, the child gets maximum language reinforcement.  Children come to class already singing the foreign lyrics, allowing the teacher to make the most efficient use of class time. 

Thematically based sessions

Each 10 to 12 week session has a unique theme, such as "Life in the Ocean", "Life at Home", "African Safari".  The classroom activities and all take-home materials revolve around the common theme.  Parent/child classes typically meet 45 minutes per week.  Preschool classes meet once or twice per week.  Music Lingua camps are a great summer activity!

It's fun!

Just as important, it’s fun for everyone involved, and the parent-child classes give parents the wonderful experience of learning along with their child.  Click here to find a French class, Spanish class or German class near you.