Spanish, German and French language classes for young children

Language...and music too!

"Research shows <a brain function> correlation between music and language mechanisms"
  Ardene Shafer - MENC

Isn’t it funny how you can immediately forget someone's name, yet remember all the lyrics to songs you haven’t heard in years?  There’s a link between language and music that makes lyrics easier to remember.  For thousands of years, before there was written language, oral traditions were set to song, so that vital information could be remembered and passed down through the generations.  Talk about a time-proven technique!

young girl in spanish class learning music

It started as just a tool...

When we first began using music to teach language, we knew right away we were on to something.  Our initial motivation was simply to make the children want to hear and repeat the vocabulary as much as possible, while making the classes more fun and engaging.  And boy does it work!  Parents say the children sing the songs constantly, and request that the CD be played whenever possible - in the car and at home.

The synergy between Language and Music

What we later learned, however, is that music offers its own benefits - similar and complimentary to the benefits of learning a 2nd language.  Like language, there is documented research that shows that early exposure to music can lead to increased brain density and an increased skill in math and logic.  However, the music seems to stimulate a different yet complimentary portion of the brain.  We feel that both are important to a child's development, and it is serendipitous that our method incorporates music as a means of teaching language.

Why we put the music in Music Lingua