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Spanish language classes and kids programs for children and infants in Helena

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2020 Music Lingua Spanish Classes in Helena and Clancy!
Forest Animals in Winter

In this unit we will learn through the theme "Forest Animals in Winter". We'll learn all about winter weather, the sun, moon and stars, the animals that live in our forests, and about fun winter activities in general, like skiing and making snowmen! In the process we will learn other useful phrases and vocabulary through fun songs and activities.

After-School Spanish Language Classes for Kids in Helena and Clancy: Two Options

Day Time Location
Thursdays 3:45 to 4:30 p.m. Helena Alliance Church, 1400 Stuart, Helena, MT 59601
Wednesdays 3:40 - 4:25 p.m. Clancy Library Community Room, 3 N. Main Street, Clancy, MT 59634

For kids ages 0-8. Classes begin January 8, 2020. Parent-child participation suggested for children not yet in kindergarten. Kids in K, 1, 2, and 3 may be dropped off, though parents are always welcome to stay.

Mid-Day Spanish Language Classes for Kids in Helena

Day Time Location
Thursdays 11:50 -12:35 p.m. The Children's Garden, 1050 N. Warren, Helena, MT 59601

For kids ages 1 - 6. Classes begin January 9, 2020. Students from any school are welcome to participate in this Spanish class at The Children's Garden.

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About your teacher:

Donna Uken

Donna, a native of Montana, spent all of her school years in Tucson, Arizona, where she was exposed to many different cultures at an early age. An intrigue with Latin American art, music, and language led her to seize her first opportunity to enroll in Spanish classes, at the 7th grade level. As part of the junior high experience, a weekend bus trip to Hermosillo, Mexico, provided the impetus to try to communicate with other students in their native language. What an incentive that was!
Her love of Spanish continued through high school. She realized, upon entering college, that there was an underlying fascination with language development itself. While minoring in Spanish, she majored in Speech Pathology, focusing her interest on language acquisition and disruptions or delays of language learning in children.
Since then, her teaching career has been devoted to assisting children in special education with language-learning disabilities. She currently holds a Nevada teaching credential. Never has her love of Spanish been forgotten, however. Attending the University of Arizona summer school in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1968, then participating in her first mission trip to Bolivia in 1969, solidified her desire to make the learning of Spanish a lifelong passion. Since then, Spanish courses have periodically been taken and opportunities to travel to Latin America have been cherished. For two years during her childrenís preschool/early elementary years, she taught Spanish classes at a Montessori school in Reno. Later, while an elementary school special ed teacher, she participated in that schoolís enrichment program, teaching Spanish classes to second graders.
In 2002, her church in Reno, Nevada, decided to organize a mission trip to Bolivia! After 33 years, Donna was excitedly returning to Bolivia, this time to assist in hearing testing and the dispensing of hearing aids. Her motivation for mission has led her to participate in subsequent trips to Bolivia, in 2003, 2007, and 2008.
Now, with Music Lingua, has arisen a new opportunity to combine her interest in language acquisition, her passion for working with children, and her love of Spanish!